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I am pregnant – what happens next?

Congratulations! Becoming pregnant marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter – the start of a journey full of special moments, planning and expectations.

Most pregnancies and births will be uncomplicated. Your obstetrician’s role is to ensure that you and your baby remain safe and well cared for during this process.

Your General Practitioner will confirm your pregnancy and organise preliminary blood tests if needed, and provide a referral to an obstetrician of your choosing.

Your first obstetrician visit usually occurs between 8 and 10 weeks of pregnancy.

An earlier appointment may be recommended if:

  • you have experienced a miscarriage in the past
  • you have had difficulty falling pregnant

In these cases, Dr Kretowicz will usually see patients at 6 weeks or soon after your pregnancy diagnosis is confirmed. In the event of any abnormal symptoms such as bleeding, excessive nausea or vomiting, please inform us immediately.

During your first appointment, your past medical history and any issues or problems you might have experienced during previous pregnancies and births will be discussed.

An ultrasound will then be recommended to confirm your baby is developing as expected. A series of other tests will be discussed and scheduled throughout your pregnancy to monitor the development of your baby. Find out more.

After your initial appointment, Dr Kretowicz will usually see you:

  • Every four weeks until you reach 28 weeks
  • Every 2 weeks between 28 and 36 weeks
  • Weekly from 36 weeks until birth

Additional appointments can easily be arranged if necessary, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns – our friendly staff will be happy to assist.

Do you need more information?

Dr Kretowicz consults at two locations in Brisbane: the Alexandra Building on Wickham Terrace and at the Ramsay Consulting Suites at North West Private Hospital.

Contact us today on 07 3831 4090 or through our contact form or make an appointment to discuss your health or fertility goals.

Dr Eva Kretowicz

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